Homote — Your Home Automation Remote

Create your own Cost-efficient Home Automation System with a NodeMCU, Relay Module and Battery

So, this article expects to provide the technology-ready class with an affordable solution for the obstacle that is home automation and it’s sky high prices.

What is Home Automation?

What is the purpose of the article?

Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash

The Home-Automation systems in today’s world are either too difficult to use for a user who is not familiar to the technology or too expensive to be used by the average citizens. Hence, with this home-automation system, I hope to provide a cost-effective solution to this conundrum.

Components Required


ESP8266 — Block Diagram | Image by Ligo George on his article on electrosome

Relay Module

5V Relay Switch — Block Diagram | Image from Components101 Article

Product Specifications & Features

Use Case of Homote | Image by Author


Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram | Image by Author

State-Transition Diagram

State-Transition Diagram | Image by Author

Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram | Image by Author

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram | Image by Author

User Interface

NodeMCU Code
Blynk Application Interface | Image by Author

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